Yo-Zuri 3DB Pencil 100mm/16g 125mm/27g

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Whatever the speed of recovery, it never stalls thanks to its low position on the water. With slow handling, it is possible to make it swim in long slides with strong lateral yaws. In a faster animation, its swimming is very responsive and
its beveled muzzle returns very attractive splits.

Although measuring 10 cm (for the small size), the 3DB Pencil weighs 16 g, which is considerable for a surface lure of this size. Its heavy steel ball located at the rear serves as a mass transfer, it thus reaches very long casting distances, even against the wind. When swimming in "walking the dog", it also emits very powerful low-frequency waves that trigger the aggressiveness of predators. At the same time, the ribs below the belly create fine vibrations that spread throughout the water column for
maximum attractiveness (Wave Motion Belly).

3D Prism Finish:
The lure has an internal holographic film that diffracts light in multiple colors. Unlike lures with an external coating, this one returns many multidirectional reflections while offering the advantage of never being damaged by the attacks or the friction of the hooks.

Wave Motion Belly:
The lure has grooves on the belly. During swimming, the passage of water on their surface creates micro vortices which diffuse attractive vibrations during swimming.


  • Super stable swimming stick bait
  • Stays flat when stationary
  • 3D Prism Finish Technology
  • Wave Motion Belly Technology
  • Japanese round triples
  • ABS body
Size 100mm 125mm
Weight 16g 27g
Fish hook #2
Kind Floating
Stock Walking The dog
Depth Surface


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