About Us

We are UK based lure anglers that have a passion for anything that can be caught with artificial bait.
We wouldn’t sell it if it didn’t work

  • anglingaddict
  • Wayne (Angling Addict75)

    I picked up my first rod when I was 6, threw my first lure at 10 and I have never looked back.

    Fishing in any discipline has been my passion for as long as I can remember. It's the art of the lure that intrigues me, the stalking, the walking, the actualy journey of finding that one fish! The hours that go into it, the miles and hours that are put into it, the satisfaction that finally comes with it when all the pieces come together. That what I live for!

    I also have my own YouTube channel, Angling Addict75 and manage a Facebook Group Angling Addicts 'The Lure Syndicate' Where I share my passion with other like minded anglers.

  • Rob

    London born, Financial Crime consultant and all round tech enthusiast.

    Outside of work I have a passion for fishes, though they're usually contained within a tank, with currently 3 fully planted tanks and 2 cats.

    Hobbies include supporting Spurs, Mclaren/Lando in the F1 and working out.