Yamashita Egi-OH Live Neon Bright 21g - #3.5

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The Yamashita Egi-OH Live Neon Bright is a long casting squid jig which has a sharp and fast action allowing you to impart more action into the lure. Yamashita have put a lot of effort into the design of the blade to give the lure great stability in the water and faster response to rod movement making it easy to get the lure to dart through the water. The centre of gravity has also mean lowered to give improved casting performance.

The finish on Yamashita Egi-OH Live Neon Bright is of the normal outstanding quality you would expect from Yamashita and it has a number of features which have been proved to induce more confident takes from the squid.

The 490 Glow circles around the eye, a wave length particularly noticeable to squid and therefore creating a target point, help to make these lures stand out from the rest.

Warm jacket keeps the lure 0.5c to 1.0c warmer than the surrounding water.

The Neon Bright finish is ultra reflective of UV light and makes the lures even more attractive to the squid.

  • Length – 105mm
  • Weight – 21gm
  • Sink rate – 3.0sec/m
  • Genuine Japanese designed lures
  • Fantastically well-made
  • Neon Bright ultra reflective UV finish
  • 490 GLOW Eye ring optimised to the most sensitive area of the squid’s vision
  • Exclusive warm jacket keeps the lure 0.5C to 1C warmer than the surrounding sea water
  • Slim nose design to give an improved darting action
  • Improved tin blade for a sharper darting action
  • Deadly for both squid and cuttlefish
  • Range of colours to suit different conditions
  • Sharp stainless steel double crown hooks
  • Sold singly


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