Ocean's Legacy Tidalus Minnow 108mm/23g

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Designed to swim like no other. Twitch it! Fast wind it! Slow wind it! It just works.

Extensively tested and proven on reef flats to rock ledges.

Product Features

  • Sleek body with a bib that allows multiple functionality and target multiple species
  • Full stainless steel wired through construction for extreme durability and strength
  • Current models range from slow sink (smaller models) and faster sink (larger models) to reach deeper schools
  • Tuned and balanced to swim straight to your feet from high ledges
  • Rigged with super strong split rings and 4x trebles (can be replaced with singles of your own choice)
  • Features 11 life like colours with UV-reactive paint, including glow properties on select models
  • Features high quality Japanese 3D foil and flitter with multi-layer tough coating


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