Fishus Espetit Jerk 130 Class-D 130mm / 22gr

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Built to fish the deeper water layers, with a stunning side-to-side movement when jerking the rod tip, The Class D also features a sharp rolling/wobbling on a steady retrieve.

But we know the pause is the key for this kind of lure, and this jerk bait stays in a captivating position when you stop it due to its carefully designed tungsten weight system.
You can configure this lure to be suspending, slow sinking or slow floating, by removing the middle treble. Thus you'll have three different jerk baits in one, adapting to any situation!
Perfect to fish on sunken trees and structures, it will undoubtedly take the big ones out of their hideout.

The inner rattling will make sure it will be easily detected on darker waters.
130mm, 22 grams, armed with three #5 Ryugi© Pierce trebles not to miss any strike, that can be replaced to get it on saltwater in pursuit of seabass, bluefish or even pelagic species.


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