Rig Soft Plastic Lures The EASY Way

Rig Soft Plastic Lures The EASY Way

Are you rigging your soft lures and they don't look right? 

Angling Addict breaks down the key ways to set up your soft lures using Jig Heads, Belly Weighted Hooks and plain hooks. 

1. Using the Fishus Espetit Soft Shad Plastic Lure with a belly weighted hook with screw.

  1. Start by taking the screw and placing it into the nose of the lure and twisting it in as far as it will go.
    screw into soft plastic
  2. Take the hook and pull it round to the side of the lure TIP:use your thumb as a guide for where the hook will go.
    hook to side plastic lure
  3. pierce the hook through the body of the soft plastic, right where your thumb is placed, and out through the top. TIP: try and get it as centred as you can.
    pierced hook through plastic lure
  4. And that is it done! Your soft lure should look like this. 
    hooked soft plastic

2.  Using EvoBass Saber Long Soft Plastic Lures with a Jig Head Hook

  1. Similar to above, start by measuring the hook from the head, then using your thumb as a guide. 
    long plastic measure
  2. Keeping your thumb in place, take the hook and pierce the top of the lure
    pierce the hook into lure
  3. Exit the hook where your is placed and straighten out the lure up against the jig head. 
    jig head lure

3. Using 5" Rooneys Paddle Tail Small Soft Plastic Lure With belly weighted hook with screw.

  1. On small plastic lure, usually there will be a small groove on top of the lure as seen below. TIP: You do not want your hook to go past this groove!
    soft plastic groove
  2. As in the first example, screw the hook at the top of the lure, followed by using your thumb as a guide for where the hook should exit. TIP: The groove should allow the hook to be more weedless 
    soft plastic hooke
  3. Pull the body of the lure forward to create a small bend in the plastic to make the hook more weedless NOTE: no hook will ever be completely weedless. 
    weedless hook

4. Using The Fishus Espetit Soft Shad Plastic Lure with Finess Nose Jig Head

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Watch the full video on Angling Addicts channel below. 

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